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Betty Liu

Boston, MA

Wanting to record her culinary experiences, Betty Liu created le jus d’orange, a visually beautiful blog featuring a variety of Chinese recipes along with other delights


San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

Brandon Matzek loves to challenge himself in the kitchen and hopes to help other home cooks in their quest to do the same, so he started Kitchen Konfidence


Brooke Bass

Portland, OR

Named a finalist in the Best New Voice category of the Saveur Blog Awards, Chocolate and Marrow is a wonderful food blog featuring a diverse selection of decadent recipes by Brooke Bass


Deb Perelman


Smitten Kitchen is one of the most popular food blogs today, with over 800 recipes covering a range of cuisines. Showing that no matter the size of a kitchen, hers is 42 sq. ft., anyone can create a delicious meal, Deb Perelman is the creative woman behind this blog


Frances Walsh

Atlanta, GA

Learning how to make biscuits at the age of four, Erika Council has always had a love for cooking. Growing up in North Carolina and currently in Atlanta, Georgia, with a few years in between in Louisiana, she created her blog, Southern Soufflé, to share her recipes with the masse


Jodi Moreno


Wanting to provide a source of healthy and delicious recipes with a focus on whole, natural ingredients with great health benefits, Jodi Moreno created What’s Cooking Good Looking


Molly Yeh

Minnesota, North Dakota

Molly Yeh’s my name is yeh, is a great blog where readers are not only presented with Molly’s fun personality but also an assortment of creative sweet and savory recipes inspired by her Jewish and Asian heritage


Pinch of Yum

Saint Paul, MN

Once a hobby and now a full-time job, Pinch of Yum is a very successful blog run by wife-husband duo Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom. While Bjork takes care of all the technical and income aspects of the blog, Lindsay writes, cooks, and takes photos of all the delicious food followers will find throughout the numerous posts


Yumna Jawad

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Yumna Jawad shares healthful comfort food recipes with her adoring fans. She provides in-depth information about her recipes and share details about the Middle Eastern ingredients she uses that reflect her heritage

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The Happy Pear

Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Dave & Steve had been travelling the world and as twin power goes, on opposite sides of the world they switched to a plant based diet within a week of each other


Roz Purcell

Dublin, Ireland

Roz Purcell's approach to cooking is simple: use whole foods to live a whole life

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Nicola Halloran

Dublin, Ireland

Nicola is passionate about teaching people how to feed themselves healthy, wholesome and nutritious food, bringing them on a journey to a healthier lifestyle

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Karen Coakley

Kenmare, Co.Kerry, Ireland

Karen is a keen forager and promoter of local produce as well as Home Cooking. Her ethos with Kenmare Foodie is to lead a healthy, balanced active life and to get families back to the simple pleasures of ‘Home Cooking’ and connecting through sharing family meals together


Frances Walsh

Kilkenny, Ireland

Frances Walsh started The Honest Project blog in January 2015 as a destination for healthy eating recipes. Since then it has expanded to cover lots of random everyday things such as book recommendations, wellness topics and general musings on everyday life


Gastro Gays

Clonakilty, Ireland

Gastro Gays arose out of a love for Dublin and a complete under appreciation of the great gastronomic delights that lie mere moments from Patrick and Russell's doorstep


Lilly Higgins

County Cork, Ireland

Lilly Higgins is a Food blogger, cookbook author and food photographer with a love for all things edible. Columnist with The Irish Times

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Rosanna Davison

Dublin, Ireland

Rosanna Davison is bringing her tried and tested, scientific evidence-based approach to food, health and wellness to the public sphere

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Indy Power

Dublin, Ireland

Indy Power creates Quick and nutritious recipes to make you fall in love with healthy food!

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Rémi Chauveau

Dublin City, Ireland

Founder of Chopbreak, Rémi Chauveau is a gourmet travel enthusiast who delights in all things food-related

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Audrey Le Goff

Brittany, France

Audrey Le Goff is the recipe developer behind the blog Pardon Your French. She has worked as a writer and consultant for food and drink companies in the U.S. and Canada

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Emilie Franzo

Paris, France

"Not a crumb left on the plate” is Emilie’s moto in cooking, and in life. The young Parisian woman devours life, and shares on her blog her vision of cooking, that echoes with “generosity and discoveries"

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Clémentine Vaccon

Paris, France

"Clem" broke into the French blogosphere with her simple recipes – mostly vegan – but not just. For Clementine, what’s important is to listen to what your body’s craving and what will make you feel good, mentally and physically

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Stéphanie Iguna

Lyon, France

Based in Lyon (France’s food capital) Stephanie’s blog is a true feast for the eyes – her photos are stunning and her recipes more drool-worthy as you go

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Fashion Cooking

Paris, France

Anne-Sophie has been food blogging for years, but it is her win at the show "Le Meilleur Patissier" that gave her the exposure to live fully from her passion. A much-deserved win, as she truly excels in baking and styling beautiful pastries and cakes

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Ophelie Lauret

Rambouillet, France

Ophelie’s blog is a beautiful mix of earthy recipes, food stories, city guides and delicate imagery. Her whole blog and recipes have a very natural feel

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Maryse & Cocotte

Alsace, France

Tourya has started her blog a few years ago, out of pure passion for cooking and sharing. She is a mother of 3, and although she doesn’t define herself as an expert cook, she simply loves to cook and bake for her tribe -and of course, herself

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Mégane Arderighi

Lyon, France

Mégane has always been in a very creative world and paid close attention to small details. Her passion for cooking and photography has grown over the years, and continues to grow